Taste Test – Maple Syrup Comparison

We often have pancakes or French toast for breakfast and Alex and Rita both enjoy syrup. When I use or buy syrup I insist on using only authentic maple syrup whereas Rita will purchase any brand available from the supermarket. Alex wanted to do a side by side comparison to evaluate the difference.

Great Value “syrup” from Walmart

Flavored corn syrup!!

Ben’s Sugar Shack 100% Pure Maple Syrup

Ingredient list = 100% Maple Syrup

In a blind taste test comparison Alex could not believe the difference in taste. I doubt he will go back to the generic syrup after this

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Decades Collection 1980s The Self-Made Man by Mark Griffiths

The Self-Made Man was the third novel published in the 60th anniversary Decades Collection. The novel featured The Fourth Doctor and Romana and was written by Mark Griffiths.

The Doctor and Romana find themselves in a 1980s council estate where a group of children are involved with a boy genius who has access to technology well beyond the time period. The story turns into a Pseudo-Cyberman story when the main antagonist Matthew is replacing his body parts with mechanical parts. The story proceeds apace and is an easy read. 7 out of 10.

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – UFO Comic Anthology Volume One

The UFO Comic Anthology is a collection of strips from the pages of Countdown comic. UFO and other Gerry Anderson properties are connected to the Doctor Who Universe via the Second Doctor novel The Indestructible Man.

Artist profiles

Actor profiles

Some nice artwork from the likes of Gerry Haylock make for pleasant perusal. The story called The Force Field is a good example of the downfall of the collection for some of the stories. In this story we see Paul Foster flying from The Moon to Mars in what seems like a few hours to thwart an alien invasion. Despite the occasional lack of scientific literacy most of the stories and the very good art give a solid 7 out of 10 rating.

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Tomorrow People The Complete Look-In Comics Volume 1

The Tomorrow People was a television program from ITV that has several connections to the Doctor Who Universe. The novel The Blue Angel has one of the characters mention “children who, thinking they are some kind of Homo superior; jaunt about the place in their one-piece spacesuits and go righting wrongs for the Federation.” The other connection to the Whoniverse is where in The Doctor Who episode The Shakespeare Code a mention is made of Rexel IV a planet from The Tomorrow People episode The Blue and the Green.

Nicholas Young as Tomorrow People leader John

This volume has a combination of color and black & white strips all originally published in the pages of Look-In magazine. The strips are of middling quality with some pedestrian artwork. The stories themselves are also of varying quality with some quite good but many geared towards the children audience. There are also some text articles and character portraits. 6 out of 10.