Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Abducted by the Daleks DVD

An unusual piece of Doctor Who merchandise Abducted by the Daleks is a nudie film released in 2005.

The story, such as it is, follows four women who are stranded in a wood and are abducted by Daleks who want to interrogate the women to determine the planet’s capabilities prior to invasion. The women are stripped naked and questioned by the Daleks in their spaceship. One of the women turns out to be an alien as well and is a Dalek agent. The finale of the film finds the agent captured by a hunter who is trying to capture a serial killer who skins their victims alive. The hunter is killed and the serial killer turns out to be another alien! Pretty girls and good Dalek design 7 out of 10.

Making their way through the forest

Captured by the Daleks

Nice Dalek props

Taste Test – Root Beer of the Month Club (November 2023)

November’s selections from the Root Beer of the Month Club.

A nice selection this month with fewer clunkers

Cool Mountain Root Beer

Old Red Eye Root Beer

Oak Creek Barrel Aged Root Beer

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

We had taste tested this sarsaparilla before see blog here

Old Kes Butterscotch Beer

strong butterscotch flavor, more of a butterscotch soda than a root beer

Bundaberg Root Beer

Red Arrow Root Beer

River City Root Beer

Snake River Sarsaparilla from Jackson Hole Soda

Old Brooklyn Root Beer

Saranac Root Beer

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Coin and Currency Club – Pakistan

The month’s selection for the Coin and Currency Club is the country of Pakistan. Pakistan is the 33rd-largest country by area, being the second largest in South Asia. Bounded by the Arabian Sea on the south, the Gulf of Oman on the southwest, and the Sir Creek on the southeast, it shares land borders with India to the east; Afghanistan to the west; Iran to the southwest; and China to the northeast. Its capital is Islamabad and largest city Karachi.

Alex was able to identify Central Asia and one of the “Stans” as the country of the month

Pakistan’s currency