Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Lucy Wilson Mysteries The Brigadier & The Bledoe Cadets by Tim Gambrell

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries are a series of YA novels featuring Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart’s granddaughter Lucy Wilson and her best friend Hobo Kostinen. The Brigadier & the Bledoe Cadets was the fifth novel in the Lucy Wilson series published in 2019.

The novel finds the Brigadier lost in time and body hopping into Lucy’s friend Hobo. The two of them end up using Lucy’s time ring to go back to 1937 and investigate an occurrence and mystery at a stone circle. We get some interesting back story to the Brig’s childhood with his older brother James. The book is well written and fast paced and it is always nice to see Lucy interact with her late grandfather. I miss Hobo as for most of the novel the Brig was inhabiting his body. 7 out of 10.

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Goliath at the Dog Show by Terrance Dicks

In the 1980s famed Doctor Who script editor and author Terrance Dicks wrote a series of short books about the lovable dog Goliath. Goliath at the Dog Show is one of the thirteen that he wrote.

The book was published by Scholastic Books and is geared towards the young reader demographic. There is an interesting story about a dog show and a case of dog-napping, interesting for what it is 7 out of 10.

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Quatermass and the Pit by Nigel Kneale

Quatermass and the Pit was the third of three successful science fiction serials produced by the BBC in the 1950s. The series was a great influence to Doctor Who when it was created and especially during the 1970’s version starring Jon Pertwee. The serial was made into a feature film in 1967. This is not a novelization by Nigel Kneale but the actual shooting script complete with stage direction.

The 1967 film is one of my all time favorites. The slow build following the discovery of the “ship” and the slow reveal of the aliens has great suspense and the excitement continues until the dramatic climax. The script format took a little getting used to but after a few chapters (episodes) it was not at all off-putting. 9 out of 10.

Doctor Who Extended Media Review – I Am The Master

I am the Master Legends of the Renegade Time Lord is an anthology of five stories and one novella featuring the Doctor’s arch enemy The Master in several different incarnations. The book was published in 2020 by BBC books.

The Master is not a favorite character of mine but this anthology was still enjoyable. I very much liked the Matthew Sweet story The Master and the Margarita which features the Dhawan Master during his extended exile on Earth during the events of the Thirteenth Doctor story Spyfall. The Silurian character K’vo is very interesting. A Master of Disguise by Mike Tucker explains how the Master obtains all of his disguises. 7 out of 10.