Doctor Who Exhibition – Doctor Who USA Tour 1986

In the halcyon days of early Doctor Who fandom in the United States the opportunity to experience the show outside the television were few and far between. It was quite a surprise then when this traveling exhibition made its way to small town Maine in the summer of 1986.

My nephew Roger and I made our way to Calais to take in the tour and artifacts from the show.

The mural on the side of the truck was by Andrew Skilleter

Taste Test – Medley Hills Farm Dried Mixed Berries

These dried mixed berries from Medley Hills Farm are some of the best I have sampled. In my earlier years when I used to frequent the hiking and canoeing trails I would make my own trail mix and dried berries were a favorite. This batch contains cherries, blueberries, cranberries and my favorite strawberries.

This was a delicious mix not as sweet as many others that I have tried, my only complaint would be not enough strawberries

9 out of 10

A good recipe idea is to include them in your stuffing mix for chicken or turkey

Taste Test – Fiji Water

Ever since I was a child my go to drink has always been water, cold with ice when necessary. Know that I am old enough to have grown up without bottled water being commonplace in my hometown. When very young on vacation I would sample spring water or water from a mountain stream (this was before the realization of the danger of Giardia) and reveled in its clear clean taste. I first experienced bottled spring water in France on a trip to Europe in the 1980s when I saw Evian which to this day is my favorite. I have had Fiji water before but I wanted to try it again with a more critical eye.

A good clear taste but not without a strong mineral element smooth and clean tasting – one serious drawback is the small spout which makes for an unpleasant drinking experience

7 out of 10