Top Five Travel Podcasts

If like me you have a long commute to and from work one of the best ways to pass the time is to listen to travel podcasts as a way to either plan your next trip or live vicariously through a fellow traveler’s adventures. I download and listen to 14 different podcasts and listed below are my five favorites.

#5) Travel with Rick Steves -Technically this is not a podcast but a radio show hosted by the renowned traveler Rick Steves. If you do not listen live you can download the content as you would any podcast and play it back at your leisure. Rick’s show covers several travel topics per episode and includes interviews and a call in segment.

#4) The Indie Travel Podcast – Craig and Linda are two New Zealanders who have been traveling around the world since 2006. They have a great chemistry and their love of travel comes through in every podcast. Their podcasts cover travel destinations, some how to advise, and fun top ten or favorite lists. The enhanced version of the podcast has some wonderful pictures.

#3) Counting CountriesRic Gazarian hosts this unique travel podcast which features interviews with travelers who either have or are trying to go to every country in the world. As Ric says there are more people who have been to outer space than who have traveled to every country in the world. The stories these travelers have are fascinating to both people who have this lofty goal or who dream about the adventures that are still to be had out in the world.

#2) Rick Steves’ Travel Talks – Another podcast from Rick Steves that is not really a podcast. This is a series of lectures covering travel how to tips, cruising, destinations and art history. The lectures are specific and very detailed. There is a video of the lecture if you are not driving which will enhance your enjoyment of the material. I highly recommend his series of lectures on art history which follows the history of western European art from Romanesque to Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque. Understanding the history of the art and architecture before you see the museums and sights will greatly enhance your experience.

#1) The Amateur TravelerChris Christensen is the amateur traveler. Chris host the best destination travel podcast on the web. Each podcast consists of an interview focusing on a single destination. The mandate for the podcast is that each guest outlines a one to two week itinerary for the destination topic of the week. With well over 500 podcasts chances are you will find a destination you are planning on going to or want to relive the experience. Chris’s pleasant interview style and the knowledge of the guests being interviewed make this both a fantastic travel resource and enjoyable listen. There is also an enhanced version where Chris adds some wonderful travel photography many times provided by the guests being interviewed.

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