Taste Test – Cratejoy Treats International (Thailand)

We started a new monthly international snack subscription box Treats International from Cratejoy. Our first months selection is from Thailand. Oddly it seems that every subscription box either starts with Thailand or features it prominently. There are two levels of subscription we chose the premium box which has ~10 snacks for $27.95 per month.

Chicky Stick Mix by VFoods

Alex-7 Joe-6

Spicy Lobster by Lays

Alex-6 Joe-5

Roasted Seaweed by TripleM

Alex-6 Joe-6

Chocolate Pocky by Glica

Alex-6 Joe-6

Squid Seafood Snack by Bento

Alex-7 Joe-6

Usagi Puff Caramel by Dua Kelinci

Alex-6 Joe-5

Chocolate Wafer and Cream Wafer by Sanghai

Alex-7 Joe-6

Alex-4 Joe-5

Cappuccino Candy by Kopiko

Alex-8 Joe-7

Mango Gummy by Dragon Fly

Alex-9 Joe-7

Alex 6.60 out of 10 for the entire box

Joe 5.90 out of 10 for the box

This was one of out worst rated boxes across all companies but Other Thailand boxes also rated low as well.