London England – Four Day Itinerary

Outlined below is a four day itinerary for a visit to the capital of the United Kingdom, London. Once your travel plans and dates of travel are firm I would suggest you make reservations and book tickets as some attractions can sell out or otherwise be unavailable. I have included links to tickets whenever possible.

Day 1

Arrive in London and get a birds-eye view of the city on the giant ferris wheel The London Eye. Get your tickets here. If going by car look here.
Continue on your orientation tour of the city with a sightseeing excursion on one of London’s famous double decker buses. These tours can be geared towards your interests; history, royals, family or views. Tickets.
Trafalgar Square is a nice free attraction and an interesting stop even if the pigeons are gone.
With your orientation of the city complete check into your hotel and relax before dinner tonight. Make your reservations to St. John Restaurant here. St John was founded by master chef Fergus Henderson and is one of London’s premier eating establishments.

Day 2

Start your second day with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is a botanic garden in southwest London that houses the “largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world”. You can prebook your tickets here. Parking if traveling by car here. After a quintessential English lunch of fish and chips or at a London Pub relax before your booked Theater performance tonight. London Theater is world renowned and there are shows to meet any interest from Shakespeare to Musical Theater. You can choose your show and book your tickets here.

Day 3

Tour of Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is open to tourists even though it is an active place of worship. Visiting hours and ticket information can be found here. A stroll through the Abbey’s many tombs and memorials is like going through a Who’s Who of English and even world history. After lunch a trip to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where you can mingle with celebrities and historical figures. Tickets are available here. There is no car parking at the site but if you are traveling by car you can look here for options.

Day 4

A full day packed with history starts with The Tower of London and a visit to the crown jewels. Tickets needed to the Tower and the crown Jewels can be obtained here. When you finish your tour of the tower take a stroll across Tower Bridge. An interesting change of pace is the London Dungeon. The London Dungeon is a tourist attraction along London’s South Bank which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humour style. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides. Tickets here. Spend your final afternoon in London at the British Museum. The museum has a collection of some of the most iconic historical items you have read ever read about. See in person The Elgin Marbles, The Rosetta Stone and Egyptian Mummies. Best of all admission to the museum is free!

Day 5

A visit to Harrod’s Department Store. This is not just any store but an attraction well worth your visit. Be sure to check out the food section where you will see such exotic fare as seagull eggs (sadly only available during the spring). Your tour is complete, say goodbye to London.