Home of the Molly Stark Cannon Historic Marker – New Boston, New Hampshire

The Molly Stark cannon was cast in Paris, France in 1743. The French cannons were captured by the British at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec, Canada in 1759. The cannons were then captured by General John Stark at the Battle of Bennington in 1777. The cannon remained in service to the young country until the War if 1812 when they were again recaptured by the British at Fort Detroit. In the Battle of Fort George in 1813 the cannon changed hands the last time as the Americans recaptured it. General Stark presented the cannon to the New Hampshire militia’s 9th regiment sometime between 1813 and 1822. The cannon is housed in the New Boston Historical Society and is fired every 4th of July in celebration of American independence.

Marker is in the town square