Doctor Who Extended Media Review – TV Comic 1970 Holiday Special

The 1970 issue of the TV Comic Holiday Special contained two 2 page Doctor Who strips featuring the Third Doctor. The stories take place early in the Third Doctor’s tenure following Spearhead from Space in the Doctor’s timeline. The strips are in the TV Comic style and are not as good as the soon to come strips in Countdown and TV Action.

The Assassin from Space” finds the Doctor being attacked by a crab like monster sent to kill him by aliens wanting to get rid of the Doctor before their invasion. He uses his sonic cane to defeat the monster, I wonder if this is the same cane The Eleventh Doctor uses in Lets Kill Hitler? 7 out of 10.

Undercover” is the second story in the special. The Brigadier needs to recover a stolen piece of equipment from a foreign embassy so he sends The Third Doctor undercover to retrieve it 7 out of 10.