Doctor Who Extended Media Review – The Unofficial Doctor Who Annual 1997

Terraqueous Distributors has been producing these unofficial annuals for several years now filling in the gaps missing from the original run of World Distributors annuals. This edition is the 1997 annual which would have followed the Paul McGann Eighth Doctor TV Movie. I suggest you follow Terraqueous on FaceBook and pick these up as they come out as they can be very expensive after initial publication.

There is a variety of text information pieces, short fiction, comics and artwork

These annuals are a great addition to any Doctor Who collection. Previous editions have featured the Third, Sixth and Seventh Doctors all in the same format. Featured companions in this edition are Stacy Townsend and The Ice Warrior Ssard. Stacy and Ssard were originally in the comic strips published in Radio Times and later appeared in the novel Placebo Effect. I very much like these little used companions and enjoyed their continued adventures here. As with any anthology the quality of the stories can vary but these were overall very good especially for a non-professional book, a very solid 8 out of 10.