Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Decalog 4 Re:Generations

Decalog 4 Re:Generations is the fourth instalment in the Virgin Decalogs series — a series of books which each contain ten tales wrapping around a common theme. The first three books in the series contained tales of the first seven Doctors. This volume is after Virgin lost the license to print Doctor Who stories, they however retained the rights to characters created in their novels. This included Bernice Summerfield and Roz Forrester. This collection of stories contains accounts concerning ancestors of Roz throughout the years.

The book has well written science fiction stories with Roz’s ancestors as the main protagonists or antagonists. I liked how the Roz ancestors in some stories were the hero and in others a villain. The stories as a whole outline a family history in such depth that is not seen with any other Doctor Who companion with the possible exception of The Brigadier. The final story documents the final days of Roz’s sister Leabie and the current state of the family following Roz’s death in the New Adventure novel So Vile a Sin. Some very well told sci-fi stories and the in-depth history of the Forrester family make this a solid read 8 out of 10.