Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Adventures With the Wife in Space Living With Doctor Who by Neil Perryman

Adventures With the Wife in Space by Neil Perryman began as a blog when a long time fan watched the entire classic series with his wife who was not a fan of the series. They chronicled their mutual reactions and reminiscences in the blog and collected the highlights into this book.

I get the feeling from reading this book that Perryman if I knew him in real life I would find extremely annoying and not very likable. His constant allusions to his smoking habit and disparaging comment about “liberal Democrats” only lead to reinforcing this idea. His obsession with the show does mirror my own mindset and some of his anecdotes ring true. I attempted a similar endeavor with my own wife Rita but we only reached The Sensorites before we reached a roadblock. Maybe if we had been documenting our undertaking we would have been able to continue. 6 out of 10.