Hampton Beach Seafood Festival 2023 – Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival is an event that takes place the weekend after Labor Day each year. The festival includes a variety of food and shopping options as well as some live entertainment. This year was the 34th year for the festival and featured a Tom Petty cover band at the clamshell.

The beach itself is always a highlight

Tom Petty cover band

Nighttime fireworks

Doctor Who Exhibition – Doctor Who USA Tour 1986

In the halcyon days of early Doctor Who fandom in the United States the opportunity to experience the show outside the television were few and far between. It was quite a surprise then when this traveling exhibition made its way to small town Maine in the summer of 1986.

My nephew Roger and I made our way to Calais to take in the tour and artifacts from the show.

The mural on the side of the truck was by Andrew Skilleter


Every October, Lake George Village holds a three day celebration of autumn and everything that comes with it. During the Lake George Village Oktoberfest, Canada Street is transformed into a European-style street fair. Entry to the event is free. Oktoberfest celebrates the Oktoberfest traditions, music, food, and beer. Oktoberfest features authentic German food like bratwurst and a Bier Garden with local handcrafted German-inspired ales and lagers from Lake George’s own Adirondack Brewery.

Goonies Viewing Party and Treasure Hunt at Chunkys – Manchester, New Hampshire

We decided to show Alex and his friend Katie one of the quintessential 1980s movies “The Goonies.” Chunkys in Manchester was having a showing so we decided to take in the show.

The kids were a little old for the “treasure hunt” and it was just as well. It was heartbreaking to see little 6 and 7 year olds looking for their treasure boxes and not finding any. We even heard the attendants asking themselves why there were so few available. You would thing management would err on the side of too many so as to not disappoint the chikdren, Chunkys is a movie theater with tables where food and drinks are available during the show. We arrived early and ordered food prior to the movie starting.

Food was not bad