Doctor Who Extended Media Review – Intergalactic Survival Guide

The Doctor Who Intergalactic Survival Guide is an activity book released during the height of the Doctor Who merchandising era in 2010. The end of the David Tennant era and beginning of Matt Smith‘s reign as the Doctor saw an explosion in tie-in activity books. It was during this period when the show burst onto the American consciousness for really the first time in a big way.

A series of nice art cards included as a background to attach stickers (also included)

A series of information panels…

… and games

This type of activity book is perfect for younger kids just getting into Doctor Who, let’s hope we see more of this in the RTD2 era of the show. I liked this book better than most other such books of its type because of the very nice art cards. 7 out of 10.

Taste Test – Hot & Spicy Spam

Alex and I had previously taste tested the Jalapeño Spam and both liked it quite a bit and have added it to our breakfast options in the house. When we saw this Hot & Spicy product we wanted to try it as we both enjoy spicy food.

We fried it up in a skittle with some breakfast sausage and home fries

Served with sunny side up eggs it was delicious

spicier than the Jalapeño product but not overly so

Alex & Joe 9 out of 10

Doctor Who Collection – New Acquisitions (August 1-15, 2023)

Another eclectic series of additions to the collection heavy with new Big Finish.

Doctor Who Special Edition Magazine #16 In Their Own Words 1977-1981

Big Finish The Sixth Doctor Adventures – Purity Unleashed

Big Finish The War Master – Solitary Confinement

Big Finish Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor Adventures – Far From Home

Big Finish Timeslip – A Life Never Lived

1982 Chicago Comicon program

Telos Publishing promotional advertisement

Doctor Who Fanzine Book

The Barbie edition of the Thirteenth Doctor

a steal on E-bay no other bidders for a very low price

Titan Comics Doom’s Day #2B

Titan Comics Doom’s Day #1A

Titan Comics Doom’s Day #1B

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Regeneration Sticker Guide

Big Finish Torchwood – Among Us Volume 3

Big Finish The Tomorrow People # 1,2,3,4,6 & 7

Doctor Who the Complete History Volume # 67

Doctor Who Doom’s Day Extraction Point

Doctor Who Classified – A Confidential 3-D Dossier

Titan Comics Doom’s Day #2B

Coins and Currency Club – China

Alex and I are both sinophiles so we were very happy to see that the month’s selection for the Coin and Currency Club is China. China does have its problems with their human rights issues but they are unarguably one of the greatest countries in the world and will most likely be the most dominant country on the planet going into the 22nd century. China officially The People’s Republic of China is the second most populous country in the world with population of 1.4 billion people. It has five time zones and has land borders with fourteen different countries. Its capital is Beijing while its most populous city and financial center is Shanghai.

Alex was excited, he easily guessed the country with the clues provided